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Metro Engineering Solutions


August 2, 2017

We understand the high level of interest within Southeast Michigan following the July 28th incident in Livonia involving an employee of our subsidiary, Metro Engineering Solutions, and would like to provide this update to the community.

First, we would like to reiterate our deepest sympathy to the family that lost its beloved dog because of this situation. We are working with family members as closely as possible as we continue our internal investigation.

While that investigation continues, we have a more clear idea of what happened last Friday. Our employee was conducting pole survey work for a telecommunications customer (in the utility easement). After completing the survey of the pole on the adjacent property, our employee proceeded to the property of this family and was heading to the front door when he says the dog charged toward him. The employee said that he tried to evade the dog twice and fend her off with his tablet, but she lunged a third time, baring her teeth. Fearing for his safety, the employee fired his gun, before calling 911 to report the incident. Others then arrived on the scene and were understandably upset. The 911 operator instructed the employee to return to his vehicle for his own safety and wait for police to arrive. The employee followed that instruction and fully cooperated with police.

This week, we have conducted a safety review with all of our employees and they understand that they are prohibited from carrying firearms while performing work for our companies. The employee in this situation is currently suspended, and will remain so until we complete our internal investigation. Regardless of what that investigation reveals, the employee will not be returning to perform further work in residential neighborhoods.

We are listening to the concern in the community and we will continue to work closely with the family while we address this serious and tragic situation.

-Jim Moskal

Corby Energy Services, Inc.

45333 Five Mile Rd, Plymouth, MI 48170