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At Metro Engineering Solutions (MES), our focus is on collaboration to build a world without limits. We are dedicated to overcoming obstacles and reimagining what success means for us, our clients, and the communities we engage with.

With our team’s expertise and a comprehensive suite of services, we are well-equipped to meet the diverse and evolving demands in the utility and telecommunications sectors, along with power and energy, municipal, land development, and oil and gas industries. Our skilled professionals are the key to addressing these challenges effectively.

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MES offers a range of expertise in design, management and engineering services. Check out a handful of our services below.

Case Study

Dexter Chelsea

Was a project to upgrade the system supply for the City of Chelsea and surrounding areas. This project consisted of replacing over 20,000 feet of high pressure steel main and over 40 farm tap service lines. As the project designers MES was responsible for the designing, permitting and creation of work orders for the project.

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