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Our licensed professionals have the experience and technical know-how to help you
 navigate the public and private right of way.

Why MES?

We’ll get you Connected — on Time and on Budget

Metro Engineering Solutions (MES) combines the latest technology with practical, cost-effective solutions for the ever-evolving utility and telecommunications industries. We tackle the full scope of construction projects, from identifying subsurface infrastructure/assets to finalizing designs and managing construction.

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MES Expertise

  • Telecommunication

    MES has been providing planning, design, engineering, and project management solutions to the telecom industry since 2006 . We have a staff of ~115 civil and electrical engineers (including 26 who specialize in telecom design), and CAD/Esri professionals, we’re equipped to handle just about any job.
  • Electric Utilities

    Energy is at the heart of everything we do: Americans depend on a reliable supply to power their businesses and homes. That’s why, at MES, we believe all power transmission projects are critical. Our goal is to complete every project on time and on budget.                  
  • Gas Utilities

    MES serves gas utility companies with expertise in project design, service alterations, new market extensions, subdivision joint trench planning, system supply planning, permitting support, and corrosion design.          
  • SUE: Subsurface Underground Engineering

    MES uses state-of-the-art seismic and imaging technology combined with computer visualization and simulation to identify critical subsurface assets in the project area. With this data, we are able to avoid potential conflicts and, when necessary, use non-destructive extraction equipment to retrofit, replace, or relocate underground infrastructure.    
  • GIS / ESRI

    MES has been using geographic information systems (GIS) for utility and telecom projects. It’s a critical tool for making sense of large amounts of data and outputting timely insights to feed into the design process.        
  • Project Management Services

    Project Management Services

    MES has successfully managed thousands of projects for utility clients across the U.S. We maintain a variety of contracts, ranging from fixed price to - multi-year blanket agreements with clients in the private, utility, and public works sectors.  
  • Drone Inspections

    MES provides energy and telecommunication companies with drone patrolling services to help identify system improvements that may not have been possible to identify on the ground.    
  • Survey / MCA

    Survey / MCA

    The early identification of utility conflicts with the proposed conduit path is critical. Finding conflicts early allows us to minimize costs by making design and route changes during the design phase, thereby avoiding downtime or rework during construction.  
  • Traffic Control

    MES has expertise in creating both simple and complex traffic control plans for projects that enter the public right-of-way. Our plans are tailored to your project’s situation, whether you need traffic control in the smallest rural setting or the most complex central business district in a major city.      
  • Permitting


    There’s nothing worse than a project stalled by delayed approvals. MES has the experience and knowledge you need to navigate the complex world of federal, state, and municipal rules and regulations. We manage approvals and obtain all necessary permits early to ensure our projects always move ahead as planned.    

Case Study

Boyne Conduit

Project scope included designing over 9,000 feet of conduit, performing geotechnical studies, developing dewatering and shoring plans and permitting for MDOT, Macomb County, and CN Rail Road.  

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