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MES has been providing planning, design, engineering, and project management solutions to the telecom industry since 2006 . We have a staff of ~115 civil and electrical engineers (including 26 who specialize in telecom design), and CAD/Esri professionals, we’re equipped to handle just about any job.

MES has performed engineering work for large providers like AT&T and Verizon, and local providers such as Great Lakes ComNet, MCI Metro, Goodman Networks, and XO Communications.

Our Process

MES has expertise in providing design, engineering, and construction services for fiber-optic projects and cloud RAN (CRAN) projects to support 5G networks.


MES uses a Fiber Inventory Management (FIM) system to approve, validate, and consume project designs and as-built drawings. The system includes geo-spatial views of existing facilities, facility availability checks, diversity checks, helpful analytic tools, and several design options.

We use as-built construction plans and drawings to track construction costs, prepare status reports, and provide accurate descriptions of what plant is placed in the field and where it can be found. We also produce schematics showing mileposts, cable reel assignments, cable handholes, conduit, repeaters, and more.

CRAN as a Service

CRAN projects can be divided into six separate functions:

  1. Site Candidate Identification
    MES performs field surveys to identify and rank potential locations for CRAN nodes. These locations could be existing wireline poles, new poles, billboards, or a third-party structure owned by an electric utility or municipality.
  2. Compliance
    MES submits design information for compliance review on all new structures and any changes to existing structures involving changes.
  3. Structure Access
    MES evaluates each node selected for structure access requirements. The degree of make-ready work varies from node to node: we take care of this work and all submissions of required structure access packages, including any required forms. We also complete pole loading for all node placements.
  4. Construction Build Package
    MES prepares all construction drawings for wireless equipment placement. The drawings include all equipment located at the node structure, including:

    • Antennas, radios, coax lines, mounting brackets, and equipment concealment options
    • AC disconnect (with meter set when applicable), conduit, and surge arrestors
    • Fiber and conduit wireless
  5. Permitting
    MES works with local and state permitting agencies to obtain permits for all CRAN nodes. Permits are required for the node structure and transport facilities. MES will organize and attend all meetings with agencies and stakeholders. We also take care of the creation, submission, and management of all permit packages.
  6. Power Design
    MES design professionals work closely with local utilities to coordinate the design for power at the node location. We also handle the ordering and placement of electrical equipment required to terminate and hand off power facilities.

Contact MES for Telecom Engineering Services, Including:

  • Structure Access requests
  • Comprehensive 5G/CRAN solutions
  • Pole surveys and detailing
  • Fiber to the x (FTTX)
  • Permitting
  • Customized solutions
  • Esri-based solutions to drive efficiency and cost savings
  • Fiber backbones
  • Optical distribution networks (ODN)

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MES Expertise

MES offers a range of expertise in design, management and engineering services. Check out a handful of our services below.

Case Study

Boyne Conduit

Project scope included designing over 9,000 feet of conduit, performing geotechnical studies, developing dewatering and shoring plans and permitting for MDOT, Macomb County, and CN Rail Road.  

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Contact us today to discuss your project -- we’ll be happy to provide a full project proposal and quotation.

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