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MES is a Trusted Partner for Gas Utilities in the Midwest

MES serves gas utility companies with expertise in project design, service alterations, new market extensions, subdivision joint trench planning, system supply planning, permitting support, and corrosion design.

Recent Work

MES provided design services to DTE Gas for the Allen Rd. and Michigan Ave. service stations.

Our Process

The first step in any gas engineering project is usually a topographic survey. MES works with partners to track MISS DIG reponses and address any challenges that arise.

Once the topographical survey is complete, our engineering team performs a comprehensive quality review of the maps to make sure all utility information has been incorporated. Our team will then walk the project area with the construction expert.

After passing through a rigorous series of internal quality reviews we submit the plans to agencies to secure permits in a reasonable timeframe to start laying in the proposed gas main.

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  • Integrity digs
  • Investigative digs
  • Alignment drawings
  • Issue for review (IFR) drawings
  • Issue for bid (IFB) drawings
  • Issue for construction (IFC) drawings
  • Surveys
  • Easements
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Wetland/waterbody delineation
  • Cultural reports
  • Asbestos & lead investigations
  • Construction staking

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MES Expertise

MES offers a range of expertise in design, management and engineering services. Check out a handful of our services below.

Case Study

New Market Gas Main Extensions

As DTE’s Gas Planning vendor, MES has designed over 50 main extensions which include design, Job Card, permitting and construction coordination.

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